Friday, October 29, 2010

What We've Learnt: Dewy Complexion

One of the biggest beauty winners that emerged from this season’s shows have to be the perfected complexion.

Flawless faces were highlighted by dewy complexions with matte make-up taking a side role to its fresh and glowing counterpart. Channel Jen Hawkins and take this on as it's ideal for summer and it comes hand-in-hand with sunscreen and the trusty bronzer.

Luca Cannonieri's shot of model from Bottega Veneta

The matte base didn’t go completely abandoned and for those of you with oilier skin who like to keep their face from showing signs of shine - this is for you!

Luca Cannonieri's shot of Calvin Klein model

The concept of understated glamour transcended minimalism and the jersey dress, which I’ll get in to another week, to the skin. It achieves a pared-back look and allows you to make bolder statements with other features.

Whether you prefer a dewy base or a shine-free complexion, you can’t go wrong this season. With the help of a product that suits your skin, you’ll be set for summer.

How to dew it right:
- First thing's first, be sure to use a sheer liquid foundation.
- In addition, using a highlighter and bronzer to contour will add glow and definition.
- Remember to use a glossier lip colour to bring out that super fresh look.
- Be wary that adding too much moisture will cause your make-up to melt, so invest in a top primer (more about primers later).

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