Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How To: Turning It Up A Knot

Remember the days of the dishevelled and, more often than not, limp strands? It was more than ok to leave your layers a little untamed; it was actually cool. The global financial crisis made "undone" fashionable as we saved our pennies by spreading out the hairdresser visits.

Ladies, the time has come to dust off your shopping shoes and get to a salon as we’re seeing more being spent on indulgent products and looks that exert more control.

The effect? Think Louis Vuitton’s perky ponytail, Prada’s beehive and a series of classic chignons and top-knots.

The beehive: Greg Kessler's shot from last year's Prada fall show

The ponytail: From that gorgeous Louis Vuittton campaign

If last season’s shows aren’t proof enough, take a peek at the sleek lines and minimalism from this year’s Lanvin show. Longer length gowns partnered with low and sleek ponies showcased femininity at its best.

Slick 'em: Yannis Vlamos' shot from Lanvin via

Every style that leaves your locks looking ladylike, polished and perfected is all glamour this season.

So finesse your backcombing skills ladies and whip out the blowdryer, the GHD is taking a backseat on this one.

Get that top-knot down pat

1.) Start by working in a heat defence spray like John Frieda Heat Defeat and then blow-dry the hair using a paddle brush to sweep your strands away from your scalp.

2.) Give your hair a once-over with a holding mist like Sebastian Re-Shaper hairspray, follow by brushing your locks into a high ponytail and fastening with an elastic band.

3.) Twist the ponytail outwards and take it into a knot, using pins to secure it to the base.

For a bigger knot: Backcomb your ponytail, brush it out and then loosely twist it in to place.

And voila, it’s chic at its very best.

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